Grow Your investments with AMF Equity Loans

AMF provides secure mortgage investments to a large network of private investors. Our lenders are typically individuals, based in Western Canada, who are seeking a better return than banks or the stock market historically provide.



Your funds are never handled by AMF. They are paid “in trust” to our Edmonton, Calgary, or Vancouver Lawyer, who ensure all conditions are met prior to releasing proceeds to the borrower. All mortgages are funded DIRECTLY into the investors name. AMF never purchases the mortgage and then tries to “sell it off”.

We have law firms in place to handle legal collection, if required.

Mortgages are secured by property value and registered at Alberta or British Columbia Land Titles.


A secured mortgage investment portfolio can provide a higher return on your investment than you might think. You choose which unique lending opportunity best suits your investment profile. The mortgage interest rate is your return. There are no costs borne by the investor and AMF does not take a percentage of the interest rate.


Mortgage investments provide returns that are exactly as expected. You will know what your return is with every mortgage you invest in. There are no unexpected fluctuations in your portfolio and payments are received monthly.


All administration of a mortgage can be handled by AMF at no cost to you, and can be set-up and earning you money within a week!


Our mortgage investments are RRSP eligible allowing your portfolio to grow tax-free.